Start Patisserie Chapter 1

TL: As I only try to make the machine translations readable and barely check the Japanese (due to still being a beginner at the language), please do not expect a completely accurate translation. Thank you.

My dream is to be an owner of a cake shop in the future. After being killed in a traffic accident, I was reborn as a noble.

 My name is Serena von Serenites and I am daughter of the Viscount. By the way, in this world where there is no electricity or gas, at night, candles and lamps are used, and cooking is done by putting wood in a furnace and lighting a fire.

 At first, I felt as if I was in a fairy tale from the Middle Ages, and everything was new, such as a mother in a loose dress and a father in noble clothes. There is a beast man servant of the in my grandparent’s house. (TL: I rewrote a bunch of this paragraph because it was annoying. Even my limited Japanese knowledge didn’t help.)

One day, while I was hugged by my mother’s arms at dusk, I felt astounded when a fire lit after my mother casually put her hand on the lamp.

“Oh, what’s wrong Serena? Were you surprised by the lamp?”

“Cause… suddenly there was a fire.”

“By the way, was it the first time you saw magic up close?”

“Yeah… is that magic?”

As I was surprised and my eyes were round, my mother smiled.

“Selina will be able to use it when you get bigger.”


“Yes. Anyone can use this simple magic.”

 Looking at my mother’s smiling face, I was shocked. There was a big difference from my previous world. It was that there was “magic” in addition to “beast man” in this world. As my mother said, most humans can use beginner attribute magic without any problems.

“Mother, I also want to use magic!”

“Oh, but Serina is still small, so it’s still too early for magic… You’ll learn when you go to school, so wait a little longer…”

“I want to learn now!”

“Hmm. I’m sure there was a introduction to magic in the library.”

“The library! I understand!”

 When I heard that, I began to read through the magical introductory books in the library. As written in the book, if you concentrate your mind and focus on a concrete image in your head, you can see the magical power overflowing from the palm of your hand, and I was convinced that I can do it.

 Since then, I’ve been spending every day reading books related to magic in the library. Then, while using the magic book in one room, wind magic was activated, causing a small whirlwind, and while playing ice was made with water magic, and the number of magics that could be used increased.

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